Album booklets

An album booklet is almost a thing from the past now, and I think that’s a pity.

On all 6 albums I’ve released so far, I have spent a lot of time and effort with talented people, doing the artwork that goes with the songs. Not least, this is the only place where I get to honour, credit, thank and emphasise the importance of the hardworking and extremely talented songwriters, producers, musicians and other music business professionals etc I have been so fortunate to work with. Each booklet also has a special ‘thank you’ text that I’ve written with all of my heart.

In these booklets you can get lost in the lyric’s, credits, pictures and thoughts, and that’s why they’re so important to not forget. I have decided to have them here on my homepage for you to read while you stream the music on your favourite platform.

Bryan Rice - Confessinal


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